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Our work

We offer a wide range of mental health and wellbeing-related services including mental health exchanges, art therapy programs, career coaching, and wellbeing workshops. Recentely we published our first mental health storybook “Echoes of The Mind”, and creating mental health short films to spread awareness about different struggles in a different way.

No one should have to face mental health difficulties alone. We aim to offer resources and a strong support system for anyone struggling with their mental wellbeing. We announce all our programs and oppourtunities through our social media channels, so make sure to follow us on instagram @yellowvsblues and to sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Mental health exchange

Our mental health exchanges provide a safe space for people to share their experiences with mental health issues and find support from others. Engaging in conversation exchange on mental health, art, journaling, drawing, meditation and group activities with others facing similar mental health issues can enhance the effectiveness of these coping strategies.

Sharing experiences with like-minded people provides validation, accountability and motivation to continue progressing on the path to wellness.
The simple act of talking about your mental health, and listening to others do the same, eases the loneliness of the experience and helps you gain new perspectives to support your wellbeing.

Short Films

We are dedicated to spreading awareness about mental health struggles in innovative ways. Our team creates short films that explore the many facets of mental health and showcase the experiences of young people. By using storytelling and creativity, we aim to start conversations about mental health and break down the stigma that surrounds it. Our films not only educate but also provide a space for young people to express themselves and their struggles. Through our work, we hope to inspire empathy, understanding, and a sense of community for those struggling with mental health issues.

Art therapy

The non-verbal nature of art allows group members to open up at their own pace. There is no pressure to speak before they feel ready. The artmaking process itself can be healing as it leads to a state of flow and release of emotions. Sharing and discussing the artwork with others helps gain new perspectives and insights into one’s thoughts and feelings. 

Art Therapy creates an outlet for expression, a source of support, and an opportunity to foster meaningful connections with others in a safe space. By tapping into the therapeutic power of art and community, it can help improve well-being, reduce distressing symptoms, and lead to a more positive state of mental health. 


Yellow vs. Blue steeped into the first experience of creating a space for writers and storytellers to share their skills and stories through our digital animated book! We’ve created our first-ever mental health storybook, “Echoes of the Mind.” Through this project, the book has been downloaded over 400 times by readers in 22 countries. We contined to be aspired for creating more projects and providing more creative spaces for youth.

Participants' work from our previous programs

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