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Your light can shine brighter if we stand together!

Your Mental Health Matters

Why is it called Yellow vs. Blue?

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase,  just take the fist step”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


There is no situation so dire that you cannot find hope.

With hope comes power, strength, and courage – Never lose hope

The inspiration behind the name “Yellow vs. Blue” originated from the renowned artist Van Gogh. Our founder, Shrouk, developed a deep interest in Van Gogh’s artwork and delved into his life, particularly the heartfelt letters he penned to his brother before his tragic passing. As she explored his vast collection of paintings, she discovered Van Gogh’s brilliant use of colors to convey various emotions. In his final masterpiece, “The Starry Night,” he employed the contrasting hues of blue and yellow. Intrigued by the symbolism, Shrouk conducted further research and learned that yellow represented sunrise, new beginnings, and positivity, while blue symbolized darker thoughts and depression. Inspired by these meanings, she chose to name it Yellow vs. Blue, envisioning a battle where the brightness of a new day overcomes the blues. It’s a concept that embodies hope and positivity.

Open Call for Participants - Art of Change (Utøya, Norway)

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Watch our short mental health films now!

Our Mental health storybook is out!

Short Films

We create short films to break mental health stigmas creatively. 

Art Therpy

Our Art therapy program uses creative activities to help individuals express and explore their emotions, reduce stress, and improve mental health.

Mental Health Exchange

Connecting global youth for cross-cultural learning and destigmatizing mental health


Echoes of the Mind is a collection of mental health stories for speaking out and raising awareness


All our activities are free of charge! We are working hard to provide this space for young people to support their mental health and wellbeing without worrying about financies.

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